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Interested to be Part of the Australian Army? Check This Out!

Joining the Australian Army is no easy feat. It is surely not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of things and tests you have to accomplish before you qualify to be part of the Australian Army. Joining the Australian Army is not something you should take lightly. Your interest to be part of the country’s defense is not a joke. You must be willing to undergo rigorous training and exercises to test your limits. Not everyone who tried joining the Australian Army was successful. It takes more than just muscles to be part of the country’s creme of the crop. You have to possess certain skills and qualities that will determine your fate in the Australian Army. Below are things you ought to prepare when you plan on joining the Australian Army: 1. Find Australian Army Website. The Australian Army has their own website that you can check. This is where all available jobs and employment categories are listed. You will be guided through the recruitment process and entry. 2. Choose a Specific Army Role. You can choose general entry or officer entry depending on your qualifications or experience.
  • General Entry: Under general entry, you can choose the following depending on your commitment and availability.
– Other Ranks (Non-Technical), – Other Ranks (Technical) – Qualified or – Reserve
  • Officer Entry. If you want to be an army officer, you need to meet education requirements, depending on the role you are interested in.
– Royal Military College (RMC) Duntroon – Australian Defence Force Academy – Graduate Entry – Undergraduate Entry – Graduate Medical Program – Reserve 3. Complete the Recruitment Process. You can definitely apply online by calling 131901 or visit a Defence Force Recruiting Centre near your area. The recruitment team will ask your personal details, academic level as well as job preferences if you have any. For those under 18 years old, you will have to ask your parents or legal guardian to sign the Consent to Test Form that is included on the Application Form. 4. Be Qualified. However, being part of the Australian Army is not just having the ability to select your desired role, whether you want to choose the general entry or officer entry. You still have to undergo training and eligibility check to see if you have met the basic requirements before you can join the army:
  • You have to be an Australian Citizen. Some positions may be available for permanent residents but it depends on some factors.
  • You have to be over 16 years old when you apply. Once you enter the army, you have to be at the age of 17. However, the age qualifications will vary depending on the role you select.
  • You need to live in Australia for the past ten years.
  • You should pass Year 10 English and Maths
  • You need to have necessary license for the role you chose
  • You should pass a physical fitness examination prior to joining the army. However, there are tips to help you prepare.
There are a lot of jobs available in the Australian army. From Aviation, Business Administration, Education, Science, Healthcare, Chaplaincy, Engineering, IT, Communications and Intelligence, and a lot more. You will definitely have a spot that suits your skills, experience, and qualifications. Although most information on how to be part of the Australian Army is listed online, it would also help if you have a trusted team who will help you realise your dreams. Companies like Defence Ready are there to provide you with the necessary resources so you can qualify and join the Australian Army. Enroll now, by visiting


The Importance of Microsoft Visual Studio Training

Microsoft Visual Studio refers to the complete set of development tools which are used in building various applications such as the ASP.NET web applications, a variety of desktop applications, mobile applications based on the .NET framework, XML web services, and many others. The Visual Studio training equips you with a set of development skills to help you in navigating this environment more effectively.

There are various applications that use this similar development environment. These include Visual Basic, Visual C# as well as Visual C++. All these leverage a similar integrated development environment or IDE and this makes it easy to carry out tool sharing while also easing out the process of creating the various mixed-language solutions. These programming languages also deploy similar functionality as the .NET framework and this gives users access to various key technologies in the applications development environment, which simplify the process of developing ASP web applications as well as the various XML web services.

The Visual Studio training offers a diverse array of courses that will equip you with the skills on how to effectively deploy visual studio in the development of applications. The training courses offered by New Horizons Australia are demo-rich and they are designed to equip you with the skills that will help you in building very robust Windows Store applications, mobile applications, XML applications and desktop applications amongst many others.

Some of the areas which are covered by the Microsoft Visual Studio training include the following:

  • Get a Comprehensive Overview of the .NET Framework: Here you can learn both the conceptual overview as well as the main features of the platform. You will learn about cross-language interoperability, the class library of the .NET framework as well as the common language runtime or the CLR.
  • Get an Introduction to Visual Basic: Learn about all the new features as well as the resources that you can use to learn about Visual Basic. Learn about the various features which have been included in the various editions of Visual Basic.
  • Introduction to Visual C++ :- Learn about the various new features of Visual C++ as well as the various supported operating systems. You will also get an introductory tutorial on its IDE.
  • Introduction to C#: Get an insight into the information as well as the various features of C#.
  • An Overview of Jscript: Get an overall overview of Jscript as well as an insight into some of its new features.
  • An Overview of ASP.NET: Learn some background information about ASP.NET, the various elements of the platform as well as its capabilities.

To successfully master Visual Studio, it is important to get your training from a reputable organization with a tradition of professionalism and top quality training. At New Horizons Australia, you will go through a comprehensive and professional training that will help you master all aspects of development based on Visual Studio as well as the .NET framework. You will get an opportunity to master everything ranging from the basics of programming in Visual Studio to the more advanced expertise that you will need to master in order to earn various Microsoft Certifications such as the MCSD, the MCPD and the MCTS Certifications. a


Learning Windows 8 Is Much Easier Today

With each passing moment, the advancement of technology is growing faster than our lives. Not only new and advanced software is introducing but the old ones are also updating every now and then. It is not always possible for a common non-IT person to use such complicated operating systems like windows. To make regular people more skilled and knowledgeable, some institutions came up with updated windows 8 training courses. Countries like Australia have a number institutions that provide opportunities to the world to learn more about these systems.

Courses Offered

Operating systems like windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 are not so easy to handle. But with these excellent training centers one can easily handle and manage them without wasting much time. These institutions provide several courses for different categories of students. Whether you are a beginner or an IT specialist, courses are designed in such ways where everyone can earn benefits from them. The courses include:

  • Professional development courses
  • Information Technology technical courses
  • Office application courses
  • Graphic design courses and much more.

Professional development courses are designed for the IT pros whereas office applications and other technical courses like “introducing and configuring windows 8” are available for the regular learners. Along with a variety of technical courses, these institutions offer certificates as well. The certificates they provide are the following:

  • Microsoft technical
  • Microsoft office for End-users
  • MSP
  • ITIL
  • Prince2 and so on.

Locations & Seminars

In Australia, there are immense numbers of training institutions across the country. Prime locations like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Cairns and Hobart have these institutions to provide best possible windows XP, 7, 8.1 and windows 8 training to the community.

All these training schools arrange seminars in prime locations like Sydney, Perth and Melbourne so that people from all over the country can join seminars and workshops and learn more about the latest operating systems.

Training Options for These Courses

They offer training solutions for individuals as well as groups. One can opt for several training solutions as per their requirement to facilitate learning. These solutions include:

  • Classroom learning
  • Online live training (OLL)
  • Club membership
  • Walk-in training methodology and so on.

Students can opt for any of the above-mentioned training solutions for their convenience. Online live training is one of the most accepted training solutions offered by these institutions. In OLL training, students can take classes anytime from anywhere through online sessions. It is time-saving as well as easy to attend the classes since learners do not need to go out of house or offices just to attend the class.

Windows 8 training, along with other courses like Java Script, office applications and so on, are the most popular and useful courses in today’s life. As we all know that the new generation completely depends upon these operating systems, trainers and experts keep lending their hands to the non-skilled people to make them more knowledgeable. Nowadays, preparing presentations, managing meetings, handling large projects and many more things are easier to handle with the use of these systems.