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How Many Dental Implants Will You Need?

This is one of the key questions that many people missing multiple teeth tend to ask. Is there a limitation on the number of dental implants that one can have when one is missing multiple teeth? When it comes to dental implantology Wien or implantologie wien has today, there is no definite answer for this that will suit all outcomes. Dentists generally treat these on a case by case basis based on each individual needs. The dental implant Wien treatments therefore vary accordingly to each patient.  Based on a variety of specific dental conditions, there are a number of dental implants Wien treatments that you can have. These include the following:

Replacement of a Single Tooth

The replacement of a single tooth is a relatively easy process that generally needs only one dental implant Wien service. The implant used in the case of a single missing tooth will vary in size, the width, height or shape. Professional dentists will carry out a very accurate diagnostic analysis in order to determine the right size and shape for the dental implantology Wien treatment.

Replacement of Two Teeth

The replacement of two teeth may require a single dental implant on which the other tooth replacement will also be suspended. In the dental field, this is typically known as the cantilever bridge.  The additional tooth will be suspended from the dental implant in a cantilever format.  In some instances, the dentist may also decide to place two dental implants for the two missing teeth.

The advantage with using two dental implants for the two missing teeth is that it is possible to make the teeth look like they are growing naturally out of the gum. The use of two dental implants for the two missing teeth is also advantageous in terms of the hygiene. By making use of these, it will be possible to easily floss the teeth as compared to the dental teeth which have been suspended in a cantilever format. The decision on whether to use the cantilever format or two dental implants is always based on both costs and clinical considerations.

Replacement of Three Teeth with Dental Implants

When it comes to the dental implantology Wien services for the case of three missing teeth, you could also use three implants like in the case for two missing teeth. Using three dental implants for the three missing teeth brings with it the same advantages. You will be able to easily floss your teeth and maintain hygiene. It is also possible to replace three teeth with the use of two dental implants at each end. The false bridge tooth will therefore be suspended between the two dental implants. This three-unit bridge option is one of the most common when it comes to dental implantology Wien service for three missing teeth.

Four or More Missing Teeth

When there are more missing teeth, things can get a little complicated. It is possible to replace four missing teeth with the use of only two dental implants. In this case, you will have two dental implants at each end along with two false teeth in between the dental implants. Click here implantologie wien

There are several factors that the dentists will consider before deciding on the number of dental implants that you should have. These are the quality of the bone where the implant will be placed and the amount of bone for the implant. If there is more bone, then it is possible to use bigger implants.

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