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Hiring Marquees in Sydney for an Event

As you flip through the photographs or watch the video of the last party you held in your backyard in Sydney, the distant shot of the marquees that you hired for the event might remind of you of your pleasant memories then. You could start feeling that you picked the right set of marquees, and they have added real value to the entire setup, and your guests must have had a special word or two for the excellent arrangements. You might have thanked the Sydney marquee hire agency that you located and gave the assignment to.

Preparations and Determination of Size and Shape of Marquee

There can be any type of event or a party that you end up holding in a year. It could be a big birthday bash, or an engagement dinner or just a social evening you decided to hold inviting your friends over. If there is sufficient space near your home, it is ideal to hold the party there. One of the first things you will do is to sit with your spouse and draw up the list of invitees to the party. After you have finished a thorough job of it, you would want to make a rough estimate of the number of heads you expect to drop in.

These two factors, the area available and the number of people to be accommodated will actually be critical while deciding on the size of the marquee. The starting size would be 3 metres x 3 metres pagoda style marquee. The size can go up and side by side placing can increase the space covered and so on. Then the clear span type marquees which can also be added on to make the arrangement symmetrical and neat, both from the outside and from inside. The Sydney marquee hire agency could depute their representative to visit the site, check the area and also the ease of erection of the marquees. By now, you will be able to make a decision on ordering the right sized marquee for your party. If you have already held such functions before, this process might be easy for you.

The Agency Can Provide Items besides Just the Marquees

The agency offering the marquees on hire would be in a position to offer you a whole range of other stuff that you will need to complete the arrangements for the event. These could include the tables and linen, chairs, glassware, crockery and so on. Ideally, when you sit down with the representative of the Sydney marquee hire agency, you will be able to arrive at the complete list of things you will need. You may have to take into account the arrangement you have already worked out with the caterer and see that there is no overlap. There would also be things like lighting to be taken care of. Then, if you are also planning on some music and dance, you will need the dance floor as well.

So once you have the final list ready with the size and area of marquees to be hired and all the other stuff thrown in, you will be able to get the quote, and an advance has to be paid. Understand all their terms clearly and go ahead.