Four Things That Increase The Success of Leadership Training

As businesses get more competitive, the need for outstanding and intuitive leaders grow as well. Far from simply ensuring that a business does its daily work load, leaders have to boost employee morale, encourage people to think outside the box, and look for hidden potential in people. This is why the leadership courses Sydney executives put their best men through are equally as diverse.

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The Old Module

Before, when leadership training was simple and linear, most modules concentrated on talks and nothing more. Most of the time, it was lecture after lecture, with meals and parlor games thrown into the mix to prevent boredom. The old module concentrated on theories, notes and literature. Most conferences consisted of 2-3 days of PowerPoint presentations, open forums, discussions and inspirational talks.

The problem with the old module is that it was never life-changing. For the few people that do get inspired during the training, the effects usually last several days to a few weeks, until the burdens of everyday stress finally win over. The leadership courses Sydney has rarely use the old module – now most providers think up of new ways to motivate and cultivate people’s love and passion for leadership.

Unique Training Modules

Leadership developments nowadays are inspiring enough that even people who never saw themselves as leaders start dreaming of moving up in the company. Here are four elements that leadership training modules must have so that they can be effective and successful for all attendees in the long run.

#1. A different location

There are a lot of in-house leadership training modules and while these work to a certain extent, most experts assert that tearing them away from their usual environment can bring about a change in perspective. Hotels and event facilities are the norm, but truly innovative leadership training modules go beyond that. Some go to distant resorts with the intention of going back to nature, while some go for locations with a more Zen-like appeal.

#2. Focus on Emotional Quotients

Sadly, some companies feel like to be a good leader, you have to be smart. While your IQ may impact your abilities as a leader, what separates a truly excellent leader from an okay one is the emotional quotient. Most modules nowadays involve sharing your feelings and thoughts in a productive manner, learning to be sensitive to other people’s words and body language, and knowing what to say and how to say it.

#3. Practical applications

Effective leadership training is not attained inside the four walls of a conference room. This is why most modules nowadays encourage practical application of all modules taught. Some modules require attendees to go out and try to sell cupcakes or some other small product, while others are encouraged to live one day as another occupation, like a fireman or mall attendant.

#4. Follow through

Sadly, the reason why some leadership training modules feel successful is because there’s an aura of motivation and positivity that envelopes attendees during the time period. However, this mantle of positivity slowly wears off once the person is back in their real life world. The stresses of work tend to overwhelm them and they forget the key points that they have learned. For a leadership training seminar to be truly successful, the effects have to be long term. Some companies offer online modules that you can look through over and over again to give you motivation and keep you on track.

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