Stay in Style, Smile!

It has been said that a smile is the most beautiful curve on the human body. For people who have perfect teeth, smiling comes easy. For some, meanwhile, smiling comes with hesitation for different reasons. With top quality braces Fremantle professionals can offer, clients from this side have found a reason to stay in style by putting on the only thing that has never gone out of fashion; a smile.

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Based in South Perth, Signature Dental offers top quality dental services including orthognathic surgery, teeth straightening, tooth whitening, brace retention, endodontic diagnosis and treatment while professionals are available for post treatment consulting and procedures. Choosing an orthodontist can be challenging, especially if it comes coupled with the task of ensuring that the doctor you’re getting to work on your teeth is legitimate. With the right care for braces Fremantle professionals give, you do not have to worry about whether or not you’ll get your money’s worth. You will have a selection of experienced orthodontists who will offer you world class services at highly competitive rates.


There are times that we are very self conscious of how we look, worsened by the fact that everyone in the room might be aware of the the flaws we’re trying to hide or are bothered of. You can change that. First, know that true beauty starts with inner confidence. Second, set good goals to improve yourself. For example, look for the right professionals to help you. To make your smile perfect, you can opt out of being the “one who needs a fix” by getting your teeth straightened and whitened without people noticing using the Invasilign treatment.

There are many advantages to using Invisalign that you cannot ignore. To begin with, these braces are invisible, have no effect on your eating or drinking habits and are light, you almost never remember they’re in till you have to get them off! Signature Dental has had 80% customer satisfaction from using this procedure and as they continue their service, intends to go all the way to 100% no less!

For Invisalign treatments, Signature Dental offers payment plans over an agreed amount of time. The entire amount for the procedure adds up to an estimated $6,500 to $8,750 depending on the amount of movement required.

There isn’t a price that you can put on your image, and more so, your confidence. Signature Dental, comprised of trusted South Perth orthodontics experts, therefore makes it their business to make sure that whatever investments you put on yourself pays off. Whether you just want your teeth whiter, straighter, tighter or simply want to visit a dentist for consulting, Signature Dental ensures service and strives for customer satisfaction. In addition to this, they also offer advice on how you can keep your teeth healthy and strong. For people who do not require extensive procedures, you can make an appointment to visit them and learn about some ways that you can keep that curve on your face facing upward. Signature Dental offers:

  • Inter-dental toothbrushes
  • Antibacterial mouthwash
  • Lessons on how to clean braces and removable appliances
  • Brace replacements
  • Topical Flouride

Fremantle orthodontics services are within reach as Signature Dental is located in South Perth on 57 Labouchere Rd. The clinic is currently offering free and professional teeth whitening sessions with every Invisalign treatment, for you to get the best remedy for braces Fremantle professionals can offer. Make an appointment to visit them or simply go to their website to learn more about the products and services they offer. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit their website or email them, as they would be more than happy to help. Everyone deserves to smile, go ahead, smile! For more details, please visit