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Why kinetic sand is good for your child?

Toys are no doubt part of our childhood, and as we grow older, we realize our children should have them too. There are thousands of toy variants being created every year, each with its own techniques to play and benefits to give. One of these toys that are gaining popularity these days is the kinetic sand. You can learn more about it here:


Kinetic sand is a very exciting and intriguing toy to play. It has the property of wet sand that is easily molded but isn’t exactly wet and sticky. It is one of the most flexible and versatile substance to play since you can do a lot with it.

With that said, here are 4 reasons why kinetic sand is good for your child.

1. Brings out creativity

Constructing toys like kinetic sand brings out the creativity of your child as early as they are exposed. With kinetic sand, your child can create shapes with the use of molder or even build more complex structures from it, like houses and castles. It gives kids the freedom to explore their capabilities and apply their imagination. With kinetic sand, you can activate your child’s creativity as early as possible!

2. Develops fine motor skills

Fine motor skills involve the coordination of small muscles in the hands and fingers as well as the eyes. With kinetic sand, coordination is established, as your child will be poking and grasping it over and over. The careful handling of the sand to form the desired shape develops precision and balance of the hand.

Early development of fine motor skills makes your child more efficient later on when it comes to tasks such as writing, drawing, holding items, and using tools like scissors.

3. Keeps a child calm

Kinetic sand is known as very therapeutic as it can be associated with sensory processing. The texture of the sand is so good for our muscles and nerves. For kids who are very particular when it comes to things they hold, kinetic sand is a perfect choice for a therapeutic play.

Kids will immediately love playing the kinetic sand since it is enjoyable as well as easy to play. It won’t spark impatience and tantrums as the sand feels very good when touched. It’s not sticky or heavy and forms easily, making your child play it for a long time.

4. Allows bonding with family or friends

Since kinetic sand is not just for kids, adults can enjoy it too. Parents can assist their children in building shapes or their playmates can build with them. Since this requires interaction, it develops speech and language use.

Parents can build various shapes, make houses and introduce these to the child by saying their names. With this technique, your child can easily pick up words associated with what is seen. Similarly, playing with other kids involves interaction and talking. This can develop the concept of teamwork and can boost the confidence of your child.

Playing is already therapeutic, what more if you use a therapeutic toy to maximize your child’s abilities. Give kinetic sand a try and see a difference!

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